Anatomy of E-Government: Assessment of Municipal E-Government Services in Romania

The present study will discuss the issue of e-government services offered at the municipal level in Romania and will look at how the level of e-government services varies between the biggest ten cities in Romania answering the research question “What is the level of e-governance sophistication and services offered by the biggest ten municipalities in Romania?”. The question will be answer by using content analysis as the research method, and assessing the official website of the local government in each of the cities in the study. Because such a study has not been carried out before in Romania, its findings can be of help both to researchers who can use them for further researches and as well for practitioners who want to have an overview picture of the municipal e-government services in Romania. The results of the study show that the level of local e-government services in Romania is relatively low, but with some front runners both in the overall scoring, and on categories of services.