Anti-corruption agencies on government agenda: promises and performances

In order to combat corruption the irreversible establishment of independent and effective anti-corruption agencies, at investigative and enforcement level is required. Moreover, to achieve this purpose a strong political commitment is needed. The 2007 European Commission Report (2007:5) argues that „Romania has stepped up efforts at the highest levels in the fight against corruption. While recognizing these efforts, much remains to be done.” In line with this statement, the thesis research question, i.e. Are Romanian Anti-Corruption Agencies politically independent? receive a negative answer. The findings of this thesis show that in the current form, the agencies have a legal design unsuited to properly fight corruption. Moreover, although the government has placed the fight against corruption as a priority on the national agenda, the success of anti-corruption agencies still depends upon the political will to further pursue the necessary steps to support the reforms and meet the social expectations.