Evaluarea Efectului Integrarii Europene: Europenizarea sistemului de partide din Romania

The literature on European integration has moved more and more towards studying the impact of the accession process on the member states. Also referred to as the Europeanization, the process signifies the domestic adaptation of member states to the new European environment. Attempts are currently being made to extent the area of research towards the newest members of the EU. Accordingly, within this context, the present thesis assesses the influence of Europeanization on the Romanian party system. Using document analysis as a research method, the paper attempts to identify those signs of the Europeanization of the Romanian political scene. Special emphasis is given to studying the impact of Europeanization on inter- party relationships which is believed to be a sign of the party system’s adaptation. Drawing upon the employed analysis, the thesis concludes that the signs of the Europeanization of the Romanian party system can be identified starting the opening of the accession negotiations. Additionally, although the accession to the EU appears to influence political parties primarily in terms of programmatic changes, changes in party competition and transnational cooperation can also be identified. Finally, the thesis reveals the emergence of the EU theme as a valence issue in party politics, parties competing on the efficiency of its delivery.