From socialist governmentality to local governance explaining difference in socio-economic practice among Roma in Romania

This Thesis attempts to explain the socio-economic differences amongst groups of Roma in Romania by looking at the way in which they appropriated (complied with and resisted against) the categories and symbols of the socialist modernization projects. Socialist governmentality aimed at creating spaces for identification by using diverse technologies of power such as sedentarization and proletarianization. However, the implementation of these programs in the case of nomadic Gypsies were negotiated and domesticated in the process of local governance. Moreover, the nomads’ informal knowledge was not substituted by the new one, imposed by the socialist governmentality, but it was rather a source of adaptability for both Roma and local authorities in the process of socialist modernization.

Dată: 03 dec. 2007
Autor(i): Cerasela Radu
Afiliere: Central European University (CEU)
Tip lucrare: MA Thesis
Keywords: moderrnization, polarization, Roma
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