Migration from Bulgaria and Romania: Lessons from the most recent enlargement

A new briefing note released by Open Europe today argues that the UK should allow free movement of workers from Bulgaria and Romania – but that the UK must repeal the EU legislation which limits the government’s ability to control the movement of criminals and the rights of non-workers to access benefits. We project that if the current policies remain in place then the UK should expect around 450,000 people from Romania and around 170,000 people from Bulgaria to come to the UK to work over the first two years after their accession. Making a success of such a large movement of people will require a new and better system than the Government’s current Worker Registration Scheme (WRS).

Dată: 18 dec. 2006
Autor(i): Open Europe
Afiliere: Open Europe
Tip lucrare: Briefing Note
Keywords: Bulgaria, free movement of workers, migration, Romania
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