Policy recommendations for pursuing a sustainable agriculture in a small rural community in Romania

The paper gives a range of sustainable agricultural policy recommendations, based on
the results of the previous CEESA research phases. We begin by a brief presentation of
the Romanian case study dealing with the environmental awareness of farmers, measured
by means of agri-environmental indicators and discrete choice modelling. Then,
we present the policy instruments dealing with non-point source pollution from agriculture,
focusing on those applied in the European Union, that are most likely to be used in
accession countries. Here we briefly introduce the Romanian environmental institutional
and legislative framework, emphasising the existent water policy instruments. We
end up by proposing sustainable agricultural policies that, based on the insights of our
case study, we consider to be most appropriate for the case of Romania.

Dată: 08 ian. 2003
Autor(i): Toma Luiza
Tip lucrare: Discussion Paper
Keywords: agriculture, environmental policies
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