Romanians are looking for a political alternative

• 72% of the Romanian voters want a political change in 2004, but only 42% see a real
alternative to the current government
• Almost 66% consider that corruption has actually increased since the anti-corruption
legal „package” was adopted one year ago
• 45% of those who would vote today for the current ruling party (Social Democrats,
PSD) prefer a change in the 2004 elections
• 80% of Romanian voters oppose the political migration and demand tougher
regulations to stop it

The data presented in this Crisis Paper were generated through a survey conducted between March
3-10, 2004, by the Bucharest-based institute Center of Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS). The
pre-standardized questionnaire was designed by the SAR on a probabilistic, bi-stadium sample
stratified in the first phase and random in the second. The size of the sample was 1098 persons
having the right to vote. The margin of error is +/- 2.95% with a probability of error of 5%. The
interviews were conducted at the subjects’ residences.

Dată: 17 mart. 2004
Autor(i): Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
Afiliere: Societatea Academica din Romania (SAR)
Tip lucrare: Policy Memo
Keywords: alegeri, sondaj
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